Monday, July 10, 2006

The Finger Pointing Has Begun

In the wake of a recent incident on the high seas that left one Cuban refugee dead and three men charged with human smuggling the blame game has commenced. The Coast Guard alleges that "These ruthless smugglers recklessly placed these people in harm's way by operating at high rates of speed in seas of up to four feet, by operating without navigational lights, by ignoring repeated orders to stop and by grossly overloading the vessel..." while one of the passengers aboard the "go-fast boat" says "The Coast Guard got closer saying we better stop or they would kill us..."

We'll likely never really know what happened since the coast guard camera that filmed most of the chase conveniently "malfunctioned" during the crucial moments that the boat was actually stopped.

But the following is more than clear:

1. The wet foot/dry foot policy is acting as an incredible incentive for people to get into the despicable human smuggling business. Since a raft can't outrun the coast guard people are taking their chances with these smuggling rings.

2. The castro regime knows about, is encouraging, and more than likely profitting from this cottage industry. How else does a foreign boat get into Cuban territorial waters if it's not under the protection of the Cuban authorities.

These incidents and others where Cuban refugees are simply showing up in places like Key Biscayne (having obviously been brought aboard high-speed vessels) have generated amazingly little reporting from the MSM on the smuggling angle.

Perhaps the men who are charged with the smuggling in this latest incident (or the passengers aboard the boat) can be compelled to explain how they were able to get into Cuban waters and pick up their human cargo, but I suspect they'll plea bargain without saying a damned thing.

The public is amazingly in the dark about how this is happening almost every day.

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