Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A new addition to the family...

No, my wife didn't have a baby. Luis M. Garcia, the Cuban-Australian author of the new book Child of the Revolution, has joined the ranks of the bloggers with his new offering. I have added him to my blog roll and direct your attention to this post where he expounds on castro's simplistic solutions to Cuba's economic woes over the years. It's quite funny when you think about it (if it wasn't so sad).

Then there were Castro's wild plans to grow giant pineapples, tropical strawberries the size of oranges, super cows that would give so much milk Cubans would be able to bathe in milk - just like Cleopatra. Then, later, there was a plan to manufacture the best cheeses in the world (take that, you Frenchies!), and to drain the Cienaga de Zapata wetlands for agriculture - a huge environmental disaster had it gone ahead.
Read, learn, laugh, cry.

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