Thursday, July 13, 2006

That'll be the day...

The rumor of castro's death not withstanding, there will be a day when the current system of government in Cuba will be destroyed.

As much as fidel and his sycophants and enablers deny it, there will be a day when Cuban political prisoners will be freed.

A day when Cubans will no longer fear being in opposition to their government.

A day when there will be free and fair multi-party elections in Cuba.

A day when the criminals of the castro regime are brought to justice.

A day when the stories of all the atrocities committed by castro will be told to the world that previously didn't want to hear about them.

A day when families long-separated families will be reunited.

There'll be a day when Cuba will be free.

And that'll be the day that I stop giving a shit about human excrement like this.

That'll be the day that I don't care what the hell Hugo Chavez does anymore because free a Cuba will have nothing to do with a country that aided and abetted in its opression under castro.

That'll be the day that I won't care about what comes out of the pie-holes of Charles Rangel and Jose Serrano.

That'll be the day that I won't care what lies are told about castro's Cuba because the truths will drown them out.

That'll be the day that I'll be to busy visiting the few relatives I have in Cuba, visiting my grandfather's (who I never met) grave, and having a "Cuba Libre" in a Cuba libre.

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