Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The big question...

Okay, so news of Castro's ailment and possible demise is spreading. And here among all these non-Cubans I get the big question: What will happen if fidel dies?

Unfortunately, this one single question opens up a plethora of idiotic speculations from the liberal locals. Things like:

Maybe I can finally get some cigars?

Hey, I hope he doesn't die, because I still want to see the island before it becomes tainted by the US.

Will the US invade Cuba and make it another State?

Will there be another revolution?

When do you think Rum will be available in the states?

I can go on, but I get nauseated easily.

The answer to the big question is pretty straight foward: If fidel castro dies the people of Cuba will finally be able to grasp something that they've never been to own these past 47 years. After fidel the Cuban people will own the ability to hope. How quickly they grasp it, and how tightly they cling to it, will determine how fast change will happen in Cuba.

All other speculations come second, or third, or perhaps not at all.

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AShiningCity said...

I am hoping for your people's sake that he dies.

Excellent blog! Keep blogging for Liberty!