Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Blogs of Tyranny

In recent weeks I have noticed a proliferation of pro-castro blogs. Some of my colleagues have decided to bombard those blogs with comments and encouraged their readers to do so as well. I have left some comments at a couple of these blogs but I have changed my mind about the situation.

For one thing, it takes a lot of hard work to build up traffic to a blog. You have to write a lot and post comments on other blogs and network, etc. We all take care of each other in this little community we have built. So why would we want to link to the very propaganda that we are trying to counter? I'm a realist, I know someone might stumble on my blog looking for info on Cuba and then see a link without really understanding what I am linking to or why. Then I would have sent a reader away to read the enemy's lies.

The reason all these blogs have sprung up all of a sudden is that we are winning the war in the blogosphere and they know it. So now they are trying to out-shout us and some of us are giving them the megaphone to do it. This is why I removed the links to the official news organs of the Cuban communist party a few months back. Let the castro apologists and sympathizers say what they want, I don't have to promote it. Without attention, those new blogs will wither away and die.


Enrique said...

Henry entiendo perfectamente tu punto..
pero mira yo he estado hace varias semanas escribiendo comentarios en 4 o 6 blogs de comunistas..de todos ellos muy pocos se baten conmigo a los palos...porque ? por que si estan dentro de cuba ellos no tienen la libertad , ni el tiempo, ni la velocidad de internet para ponerse a postear como nosotros....

mira Henry esta batalla de blogs y web sites NOSOTROS NUNCA LA VAMOS A GANAR. El regimen castrista dedica mas de 44k guerrilleros de la red y millones de dolares para abrir blogs y web sites diariamente. Esa es su arma y de eso depende la continuidad de la revolucion..

ahora tu sabes lo que mas me molesta de todo esto es ver la cantidas de cubanos residentes en el exterior España, argentina, panama, venezuela defendiendo la revolucion ( aunque pueden ser medicos enviados por cuba)

Mira si pones esto en google .cu veras que hat sobre 140k de blogs y web sites del gobierno de cuba.

estos tipos no estan preocupados por networks, ni stats ni hits ...te lo aseguro...

No creo que les estamos dando ninguna publicidad a ellos. Si alguien entra ahi y les gusta lo que leen pues esos tambien son comunistas y nosotros no podemos hacer nada al respecto...

Bueno esa es tu opinion y se respeta, yo seguire dandole cabilla a esos tipos , demostrandoselos con escritos, fotos videos y todo lo que encuentre por ahi


Henry "Conductor" Gomez said...

I have to disagree. I know Cuba has a lot of official web sites and so forth but I'm talking about the American blogosphere. And I think they are trying to win the war with numbers but that's not what wins in the blogosphere. I think you are wrong when you say we can't win.

Every day more and more people are exposed to our blogs and I have to salute Val for his efforts. You do a google search for almost anything related to Cuba and there will be a hit from Babalu or another of our blogs.

They have you spending your time on their forum and so your attention is divided. And you are linking to their blogs. You do what you want but I'm not going to help them.

Enrique said...

I think Val has done a remarkable job with his web site... However , he could do even more to help the little blogs. Remember Henry , la competencia no es quien saca el mejor articulo or does it faster, or better, org gets more comments or blog links ...
what we are all Doing is DENUNCIAR AL regimen y llevarles el mensaje a todos las personas del mundo especialmente las de dentro de cuba, y del resto del mundo. que cuba no es un paraiso vacacional sino una gran carcel donde se violan los derechos humanos diariamente sin impunidad.
Sinceramente yo preferiria que ningun cubano americano leyera mi blog? sabes por que? porque todos nosotros sabemos lo que yo voy a poner ahi porque lo hemos vivido.
Yo prefiero que mi target audience se encuentre dentro de cuba, in europe, asia, Canada, mexico, latin america, venezuela, bolivia etc. por eso veo que publicar mas articulos en español es una muy buena idea. I think you , Val and company should also once in a while publish posts in spanish.. pudes coger de mi blog lo que quieras sin preguntarme

Henry "Conductor" Gomez said...


Each blogger writes his own experience and to his own audience. Babalu blog is written for Americans (not just Cuban-Americans). That's also the vision of this blog. The reason is because for too many years the only Americans that had opinions about Cuba were the leftist sympathizers of fidel. My blog is written for the type of person that reads the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, etc. and wants to hear the other side of the Cuba story.

It's not a race, but one of the ways we measure whether or not we are getting our message out there is how many hits we get. When someone has a large number of hits they can send readers to other blogs. And that's why I don't want to send readers away to these propaganda blogs.

I disagree with you about Val helping the small bloggers. Since I began blogging over a year ago Val has been very supportive. Only through his generosity have I gained the readership that I have now. And I'm not the only one either. It's just that there has been a proliferation of anti-castro blogs (not just the pro-castro ones) in the last few months and sometimes they start off OK and then fizzle out. It's hard to keep track of them all. And frankly not all of them are great.

I can only imagine the amount of email and requests for links that Val gets based on the amount that I get. People take it so personally if you don't link to them. Well I think anyone that does high quality work will eventually get noticed. We can't all post the same articles every day. That's why I try to do different things.

Un Abrazo,


Enrique said...

oye te la comiste ..estoy de acuerdo con todo lo que dijistes ahi

yo te estaba picheando y me has dado un jonron con las bases llenas

no te preocupes te poncho luego

saludos tocayo