Monday, August 07, 2006

Calm in Cuba: acceptance or fear?

The "mainstream" media is already starting to report that the calm in Cuba after the unprecedented announcement of the "temporary" transfer of power by fidel castro to his kid brother, the equally murderous raul, is a sign that Cubans don't want change.

I wouldn't be so sure. This is a people that has been repressed for 47 long years. They've been beaten down systematically. Most members of a credible opposition are in jail or dead or in exile.

Have you ever seen one of those horror movies where the slasher gets killed at the end, but he's not really dead he gets back up and slashes some more? Well that's what I believe the Cuban people are afraid of. Nobody knows how to act because nothing definitive has been announced by the tyranny's mouthpieces.

Cubans are resigned to the fact that life will not change as long as fidel is in power. And even if he's dead, right now the only people that would have that information aren't giving it out so he might as well be alive.

Notice in the linked article that nobody wants to be identified, not even those who spout the official party line. This is not normal behavior. Cubans are among the most opinionated people in the world, yet fidel castro has managed to scare them into silence.

If fidel is dead, or in a vegetative state, the higher-ups in the Cuban government are going to have to make an announcement soon unless they plan on playing "Weekend at Bernie's" indefinitely. And when they do make that announcement, we'll see what's what.

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