Monday, August 21, 2006

castro, dying of Cancer!

That's what the respected, Dominican-born journalist Oscar Haza reported tonight on Miami TV. He claims that 3 independent sources have verified that castro is suffering from a cancer of the intestinal tract and that his medical team is trying to determine whether or not to subject the 80 year-old dictator to chemotherapy.

That reminds me of the old joke by Guillermo Alvarez Guedes who said that without his beard castro's got a "cara de come mierda" (Shit eater's face). Well we just might get to see him without hair or beard in the near future.

Pray for metastasis.


Charlie Bravo said...

We reported that when the news of his hospitalization broke. Our sources in the medical profession in Havana. Apparently the media is reading the blogs, good for them.
He's been treated already, but the treatment is being kept secret, our sources have reported "alternative techniques" will be used before radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Thanks for the reminder, we scoop the press and then they come out as big heros... I will have to write about that.

Omar said...

I hope their "alternative techniques" do to him what he did to Cuba.

Val Prieto said...

Sheesh Charlie Bravo, dont hurt your arm patting yourself on the back now.

that fidel castro has cancer has been widely speculated for quite some time now.

"We" reported on it back in March 2005: