Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Don't believe what they say.

The ruling junta in Cuba and the mainstream media would have you believe that the lack of public activity against the Cuban government is because everyone is happy and jolly with the prospect of raul castro governing their lives in a communist monarchical succession. But the truth is that it's fear that's keeping them quiet. They are keeping their heads low (so as to avoid having them chopped off) until some sort of definitive news is known.

And it's not just your traditional hard-line exiles that are sying it but former members of the Cuban government like Jesus Marzo Fernandez (a former high-ranking member of the Cuban Ministry of Economy) and Rafael Nuñez Cuesta (a former Cuban ambassador) who said as much tonight on the popular Miami TV show A Mano Limpia which is hosted by the celebrated Dominican journalist, Oscar Haza

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