Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Europe, it's time to end your complicity in the Cuban Tragedy

This is a revised version of an old post that is even more appropriate now.

Leaders of Europe,

Europe has historically felt that it was better to "dialogue" with the tyrant, fidel castro. You stood idly by while the regime continued to jail and harass ordinary Cubans for committing such crimes as voicing disagreement with their government?

For seven decades Europe lived in the shadow of a communist-totalitarian empire. Yet you allied yourself to the only unelected dictator in the western hemisphere. Was your alliance due to a mutual hatred for the U.S. or were you collectively too weak to stand up to the European hotel chains, farmers and other businesses that make money off of Cuban slave labor?

One would think that with your continent's bloody modern history, that Europeans would not be tolerant of ideologies that trample upon human rights. In Cuba it is illegal to possess a copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, yet you continued to make excuses for the monstrous tyrant.

It's time to awaken from your slumber. Europe you are guilty of being accomplices in extending the life of the decrepit and illegal castro regime. With fidel castro now either dead or dying it's time for Europe to put pressure on raul castro and the rest of fidel's cronies in the Cuban government, pressure to release all of the Cuban political prisoners which include dissidents, independent journalists and independent librarians. Europe, you have the opportunity to right your previous wrongs. The free world awaits your answer.

¡Ya no mas!

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