Sunday, August 13, 2006

Fake photos or just old?

The photos of fidel castro that were recently posted by Juventud Rebelde are being scrutinized around the world. My personal opinion is that the photos are real but were taken some time ago. When compared to recent photos of him in Argentina last month we see that he looks more youthful in these photos that were supposedly taken after a major intestinal surgery. In particular he doesn't look like he's lost any weight in the "new" photos and one would think that a period of time without solid food and recovering in a hospital would not make one look better than immediately before.

Also the Argentina photos from July show a couple of large dark liver spots right above fidel's right eyebrow. They aren't visible in the "new" photos. This suggests that the "new" photos are old ones taken before those liver spots developed.

The newspaper he's holding in one of the "new" photos" isn't a newspaper at all. We see white space at the top and bottom of the page. Perhaps it's supposed to be a proof of the newspaper's special supplement that ran today, his 80th birthday, but that would be easy to fake. One theory is that these "new" images were taken when castro fell and broke his leg a couple of years ago.

The Adidas track suit he's wearing in the "new" photos is also curious. He's been seen in this jacket before. Here he is wearing it with Jimmy Carter in 2002.



I still say that if the liver spots were visible in 2002, they should be visible now or in 2004 when the photo was taken.

John said...

The only thing I like about this picture is the nice Adidas track suit he’s wearing. Man that’s a cool jacket. Too bad that fu#** pig is displaying it; otherwise, I’d probably want one for myself.