Thursday, August 24, 2006

Good article on Cuban property claims

I find this to be a pretty fair article about the issue of Cuban property claims. I think this has historically been blown way of proportion by fidel castro as a way to divide Cubans on the island from Cuban exiles. In the end, I think that there will be much fewer claims than people expect and that there will be an orderly process that will be as fair as possible.

Many people will visit Cuba and find that their ancestral properties have not fared well over the last half century. I'm sure there will be some sort of program to find new housing (which will be highly desired) for Cubans living in properties that are being claimed. Most Cubans on the island are afraid of losing their homes because they have been trained to bellieve that housing will always be in short supply not because those homes are so great. Once the right to own and sell private property is re-established their minds will quickly change as new developments and buildings go up.

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