Wednesday, August 30, 2006

If you could vote...

For Cuba's next president, who would you vote for?

Click here and submit your choice to this online poll.

Here's a short background on some of the folks on the poll:

Oscar Elias Biscet is a black medical doctor and a Christian. He is the head of the extraofficial "Lawton Foundation" for human rights. He is in prison for voicing his views against the dictatorship and also the culture of abortion in Cuba.

Oswaldo Paya Sardiñas is a dissident known for something called the Varela Project which was a petition to change the Cuban system of government. His philosophy is to try to change the system incrementally from within using the parameters of the system.

Martha Beatriz Roque is one of the most visible members of the Cuban opposition. She is very involved with the Assembly for a Civil Society in Cuba. She has been harrassed repeatedly for her outspoken views. She is currently on furlough from prison since she was released for health reasons.

Carlos Alberto Montaner is a Cuban exile. He's an intellectual that has written a lot about castro and the regime. His writings appear mainly in Spain though he has been more visible here in Miami lately.

Guillermo Fariñas is an independent journalist who has been on a semi-permanent hunger strike in Cuba for some time. He is protesting the fact that regular Cubans have no access to the uncensored internet.

Armando Valladares is a former political prisoner who spent 20 years of the prime of his life in castro's political prisons. Ronald Reagan appointed him Ambassador to the UN committee for human rights. He wrote a memoir of experiences in Cuban prisons called Against All Hope.

The others I'm not as familiar with so I haven't written anything about them.

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beckie said...

It would help to know who all those people are on the poll..are they still in Cuba or exiles who would want a free democratic Cuba?