Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Juanita Castro: fidel recovering

According to CNN, the tyrant's sister who has been estranged from him since 1963 says:

"He's very sick, but he's not dead," she said. "He is very sick, but he has left the ICU..."I have my way to know everything -- not everything, but some very important things..."
Interestingly she also claims that she was disturbed by the celebrations in Miami at the prospect of her brother's death, but the report added that:
Juanita said she has a special perspective on her brother and sees him as two separate people: "as a Cuban dictator and, the other side, as my brother Fidel. It's the same blood."
I guess that's a human reaction, but there's way too much water under the bridge for most exiles to feel anything but pure joy at the idea of a painful death for fidel.

Hat tip to Louis Mayor

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