Wednesday, August 02, 2006

No news

The latest WaPo article about castro's surgery reports nothing new. The Cuban government maintains that fidel survived the surgery and that he is recovering, meanwhile no pictures or videotape of castro and no sign of raul or any other top level officials. Only Ricardo Alarcon has gone on record saying that celebrations of fidel's possible death being held in Miami are "vomit provoking." Well I have news for tricky Ricky: you ain't seen nothing yet. When Cuban-Americans see fidel in a pine box we'll make Mardi Gras look like a kiddie party.


Orlando said...

Vomit provoking is the possibility of his survival. And you are absolutely right, why are they not showing any pictures of fidel in his Cuban hospital green fatigues signing every declaration made so far? After all he is the one signing and dating them?

Antonio said...

When I see Fidel in a pine box, I will be buying a ticket from DC to Miami to celebrate with my uncle, my cousins, and ALL MY CUBAN BROTHERS!
Viva la libertad!
Muerte a Fidel, carajo!

Patricio Texidor said...

I lament that I have not been able to get to Miami the past few days. But you can be sure I will be there in front of Versailles when the official word (a mere formality for which we reluctantly must wait patiently) of castro's death comes.