Thursday, August 17, 2006

Oh Brother!

It never ceases to amaze me how people can hate this country so much while loving the dictator fidel castro. I read this letter in the Tallahassee Democrat today and just about lost my breakfast. I really didn't feel like writing a long response so I sent him this:

In his letter published on August 17, 2006 Doug Hyden reveals his ignorance of the true nature of the Castro regime in Cuba. The truth is that if he were living in Cuba and voiced a similar opinion about his government, one could count the minutes until he’d be picked up and taken away.

With regards to the Batista regime that Cubans were “freed from” as Mr. Hyden puts it, it was a regime that freed a young Fidel Castro less than two years after he led an armed attack on a Cuban military barracks that resulted is several deaths. But the current regime executes, by firing squad, civilians committing far less serious crimes such as stealing a ferryboat to escape the “workers paradise.”

Castro oppresses his people because he knows it’s the only way he can keep power. To blame the United States for his actions is to be an apologist for one of the bloodiest dictators (by proportion) of the 20th century.

Henry Louis Gomez


Srcohiba said...

I saw that letter and said what a putz. It's like an article I read earlier this week where some idiot said there was never a republic in Cuba. I sent him a copy of the cuban constitution and pointed out to him that not only was there a republic, it was a republic with a constitution 50 years ahead of its time in anti-discrimination law; progressive labor laws; seperation of church and state. Of course the author of the newspaper article never responded. It seems all these idiots get their facts from Granma or something.

benning said...

Good response to what was a typically leftist mangling of the truth. But it will change nothing. The man's an idiot.

el polaco said...

Some times I think hitting your head against the wall is more effective than trying to correct such a moron ... these idiots whole sick world would collapse if they admitted the truth .......