Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Please Church, just stay out of it...

You've got enough Cuban blood on your hands. It's not enough that the Catholic Church educated the monster that is fidel castro. It's not enough that they pleaded for clemency for castro when he led the cowardly attack on the Moncada Barracks (fidel's bloody version of the Beer Hall Putsch) that should have righfully ended in his execution. It's not enough that Catholic priests aided castro while he was in the mountains. It's not enough that the Church never condemns the actions of the regime but now Cardinal Ortega y Alamino is praying for fidel and the Vatican's former Nuncio to Cuba, Archbishop Giulio Einaudi, says

“If the international community will approach Cuba through dialogue, the situation can evolve in a very positive way...

As the Church we do not get involved in political alternatives: We can follow the evolution of events, and also call for prayer, but that’s it. And this what was done when and the Church in Cuba called on the faithful to pray that the Lord would be with Castro in these difficult moments, which are hard for him, but also for the entire Cuban people...”
Well let me tell you a little something about Archbishop Giulio Einaudi. When he began his tour of duty in Cuba in 1980, eight people broke into the grounds of the Nunciatura (The Vatican's Embassy in Havana). They asked for political asylum. The Cuban government found about the action and surrounded the Nunciatura. The staff at the Nunciatura encouraged the asylum seekers to negotiate with Consular officials from other countries in the Nunciatura's garden. But instead of Consular officials, it was Cuban State Security agents that met them. The asylum seekers complained and the the Cuban agents opened fire on them. In the crossfire, an embassy guard was killed.

All eight asylum seekers were arrested. 29 days later they were tried and three of the asylum seekers, that were brothers, were executed by firing squad within 24 hours of their trials. The three that were executed were Ventura Garcia Marin -17 years old, Cipriano Garcia Marin - 21 years old, and Eugenio Garcia Marin - 25 years old. The other five were sentenced to jail. The mother of the three executed brothers was tried for knowing of the planned incursion into the Vatican's embassy. She was sentenced to twent years in jail and served ten.

So please Archbishop Giulio Einaudi, do us a favor and shut your pie hole, before you end up getting some other mother's son(s) killed.

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