Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pundit Radio

Dave Francis of WGNU in St. Louis will be talking about Cuba on his show tonight between 9:00 and 10:00 PM. He will have Francisco Aruca on during the first half hour and is giving an opposing point of view (yours truly) equal time.

Here's a link to listen live on the internet and the phone number to call the show is: 314-454-0400


Robert said...

Awesome job, Henry.

Anonymous said...

Good Job Henry! So that's what you sound like ? Lol,now I can put a voice to the little picture box. Thanks for all your hard work and information.

Gonzalo Fernandez said...

I listened the David Francis talk show today at 9 P.M. Francisco Aruca's is a fellow traveler at best, and he could be worst than that. His comments about dissidents in Cuba were a shame.

I liked your arguments, particularly those in regards to the embargo.

President Carter said during his visit to Cuba: "... these restraints (the embargo) are not the source of Cuba's economic problems. Cuba can trade with more than 100 countries, and buy medicines, for example, more cheaply in Mexico than in the United States..."

I would ad that Cuba buys on credit but skips paying in many instances. There is a laundry list of umpaid balances to countries and companies that are in default for a total of several billion dollars. As you said, Cuba is a poor credit risk.

Jose Reyes said...

Great Job Man! As I stated in my email to you; Great job Henry, I tuned in with my father (81 years old) and translated to him most of what Aruca was saying, then on the break we analyzed all the mierda he had said, then when you came on, you conveyed our opinion right down to the T. Just shows that us Cuban-Americans all think the same and also shows how we can easily tell a Castro sympathizer. Thank You, Jose Reyes (

gansibele said...

Damn, I missed your post and the interview. Did you tape it? And bro, debating Aruca? niiiice.