Monday, August 07, 2006

Travel Advisory: Cuba

This information is current as of today, Mon Aug 07 2006 18:40:05 GMT-0400.


August 7, 2006

This Travel Warning is being updated in light of the current situation in Cuba. Due to ongoing security concerns in Cuba we are concerned for the personal safety of travellers due to the impending hostilities expected by Cuban officials. In light of the recent events in Cuba and the resulting escalation in rhetoric emmanting from the Cuban government, it is advised that all foreigners depart the country forthwith.

Cubans interviewed on state-run media said they would fight to the death against any invaders from the north, while the Communist Party daily Granma said, "We Cubans are prepared for the defence" of the island.

The Cuban government placed coastal residents on a higher alert, to watch for any sign of an invasion force.

The Cuban government is taking the threat of U.S. invasion very seriously and so it is recommended that any planned travel by foreigners to Cuba be cancelled.

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Enrique said...

All foreigners in Cuba are at risk

in case of a sudden fidel's death