Monday, September 25, 2006

Boston's Mayor, a snob that snubbed Wal-Mart

In a page-1 article in today's Wall Street Journal Boston's Mayor Tom Menino, a self-important jackass that once had two DJs fired for an April Fool's joke, said:

"Wal-Mart does not suit the clientele we have in the city of Boston...They don't pay wages that are sufficient. Their benefit structure is poor. I don't need employers like that in our city."
Well did you ever think, Mr. Menino, that the residents of the City of Boston might have their own opinions on the matter? Nobody forces anyone to work at Wal-Mart. So you would prefer to have someone unemployed than working at a job with "poor" benefits? No wonder your city is wallowing in a quagmire of bureaucracy, taxes and red ink.

When asked about Wal-Mart's competitor, Target, Menino said:
"It's a different image they have in how they market their product and the appearance of their stores...That's a lot to do with it, the image of the store."
So it's Wal-Mart's tackiness you object to?

Miami's own Johnny Winton was also quoted in the article as agreeing with this point of view when he discussed why Wal-Mart was kept out of a 55 acre redevelopment project he was responible for:
"I feel bad for Wal-Mart, but that's their image..."
I guess I missed the meeting where we decided that our politicians would be arbiters of style and class.

For its part Wal-Mart said in a written statement:
"In the end, the customer should have the opportunity to decide where to shop."
Americans, beware of the decisions being made on your behalf.


La Ventanita said...

I'm not tacky, and let me tell you WalMart has some ok stuff every once in a while in clothing.

And with their prices they get 75% of my business. I can't afford Targét

beckie said...

New England Blue state snobs looking down on a a southern Red state (Arkansas) headquartered base business. What do they think WalMart caters only to low-income, red-neck, hillbilly clientele? Target and WalMart are within 3miles from where I live and there is no difference in quality of items. I agree with la ventanita for the better prices.