Monday, September 18, 2006

Hugo & Ahmad - Brothers of Evil

Today is a good day to be an infidel. Ahmad met with Hugo today in Caracas. Some nice vitriol from these oil producing shmendricks:

"President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the United States represents 'the tyrants of the world today" and called Chavez 'my brother' and 'the champion, the
leader of the struggle against imperialism.'"

And of course, Hugo, fresh after his Orgy of Evil in Havana with Mugabi, Fifo, Evo, Assad, etc., is lobbying hard to get that UN Seat. Last week he said he and fifo would come to the UN on horseback. Now, he's saying that he's going to hang out in the barrio in NYC:

"If what they want is for me not to go, I may just appear and go out walking on the streets of New York. Maybe I'll go to the barrios of New York, the poor barrios."

Perhaps Hugo should take a nice walk in New Jersey instead. He'll get a nice welcome in Union City, especially if he wears his Che shirt or shouts "viva fifo."

Here's the rest of the article for those who can stomach it: Link Here

On a side note, it looks like Hugo has ticked off Mexico by his calling the President Elect an "illegitimate president" and that the election was stolen from the left, that now Mexico is reconsidering relations. Read the article here.

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