Friday, September 15, 2006

Orishas, awesome

Well, the concert last night at Bongo's Cuban Cafe was spectacular. The venue is intimate and my wife and I had a great perspective, up close as you can tell from these photos. Really a cool experience all the way around.


Anonymous said...

Great group! Have they come out with anything since el Kilo? Why is it they can make videos in Havana? What is the gist of this group? Are they pro Castrate? Just curious.

Henry "Conductor" Gomez said...

No new material since El Kilo, they have been pretty much touring ever since. Roldan is supposed to be coming out with a solo album but that's been the story for a while.

As for their politics, its complicated. I have written about it before on this blog. They have never officially denounced Castro or the communist system in Cuba but the fact they choose to live in Europe and not Cuba is telling. I believe they are trying to remain as apolitical as possible to maintain their family connections in Cuba and their inspiration as Cuban artists.