Thursday, September 14, 2006

Orishas Llego

Cuban rap trio Orishas is in Miami as part of Lo McXimo de la Musica tour (sponsored by, you guessed it, McDonald's). The event is at Bongos in the American Airlines Arena. This picture was taken at the Latin Billboard awards in April. If you haven't heard Orishas music, you should sample some of it. It's very catchy.

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Charlie Bravo said...

Hey Conductor, for that kind of music, but made in Cuba, you need to go to They have a bunch of Cuban regaetton, hip-hop etc. Some of it is politically charged. You know I am a rocker and that music is not usually in my horizon, but if they are anticastro in their message, then they are as good as my own garden variety punk rockers!
I've been posting a lot about Cuban music (from both sides of the Straits) lately, with only one condition: they gotta be antikasstro sounds, that's why I publicize! I have to tell you, the person who introduced me to the Orishas music was you. Good stuff!