Sunday, October 29, 2006

Further reflections on Frankenstein video

I was watching the latest video of the undead fidel castro again this morning and I can only laugh. They were attempting to show a "strong and healthy" fidel recuperating and I've gotten the opposite impression. I can only imagine how much preparation went into that little video. A hairdresser, a manicure (what's with those long nails anyway), all probably done while he was protesting.

What was particularly amusing was how he tried to convince his audience that he is engaged in the running of the country. "I have a televison, there you can see it over there." And "I make many telephone calls to the comrades, look this is one of the phones I use." All as if we are supposed to be in a state of wonderment and awe.

I've seen older people have episodes of grave illness like fidel is going through. They have a catastrophic incident and then recover slowly over a period of months. But they are never the same again and the next major incident is usally their death.

ya viene llegando.


Alex said...

If SNL had any relevance left, it'd be a great sketch.

Anonymous said...

From your keyboard to God's ears.