Saturday, October 14, 2006

How Cuban Spy Ana Montes Hurt the US

Interesting article today about the release of Bill Gertz' book - "Enemies: How America's Foes are Stealing Our Vital Secrets and How We Let it Happen" -- and how he describes the severe damage this pinko scrawny ass bitch Montes seriously betrayed our country and damaged our intelligence operations against Cuba. They should have hanged her. In any event, the article reads in part:

U.S. officials believe Montes did the greatest damage by giving Cuba information on U.S. electronic eavesdropping systems, which were the primary sources of U.S. intelligence on Cuba since Washington had long found it all but impossible to recruit spies within the island, Gertz wrote.

During a briefing from the National Security Agency she received in 1999, Montes ''learned about every single NSA eavesdropping program targeted against Cuba and Latin America,'' according to Gertz's book.

She also learned about current and proposed electronic spying systems by taking part in planning sessions for future imagery and other intelligence gathering programs, the book adds.

Montes had access to an intelligence community computer system, the Corporate Information Retrieval and Storage system, that includes information from the CIA, the State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research, the NSA, FBI and other sources, Gertz wrote.

The book notes that Montes also sat on an interagency group known as the Hard Target Committee, which discussed operations in places like Iran, China and North Korea.

Through Montes, the Cubans obtained a clear picture of what Washington knew and did not know about Cuba, allowing Havana to carry out ''a robust denial and deception program,'' according to the damage assessment report.

Some of her disinformation included a 1998 U.S. intelligence report that downplayed the threat of Cuban armed forces and its bioweapons capabilities, and a 1993 paper that said the Cuban military wanted closer ties with the United States, Gertz wrote.

The book also says there are ''indications'' that her spying may have led to the deaths of some U.S. agents in Latin America but provides no details. Court records showed Montes leaked the identities of four U.S. agents in Cuba, who were not harmed.
How this bitch made did not get caught earlier boggles the mind. Read the whole article here.

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El Gusano said...

you cubans are so paranoid. you think there's a Castro agent around every corner in Miami. Wasn't there a state department report that said that castro wasn't even a threat to the US? oh that was written by montes? hmm