Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hugo Into Hip Hop - Calls Rumsfeld "Dawg!"

Yes infidels. Hugo has adopted hip hop in his latest comments of the day. First he calls President Bush "the devil", now he calls Rumsfeld "dawg." I figure his trip to Harlem a few weeks ago exposed him to hip hop culture (as well as his continued torrid homosexual affair with Danny Glover I presume). Looks like Hugo needs a lot of military hardware to defend his country from full scale attacks from such military powerhouses as Belize and Guyana. The story reads in part:
Tuesday , October 03, 2006

CARACAS, Venezuela — President Hugo Chavez called U.S.Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld a "dog of war" on Tuesday, saying the defense chief has no business suggesting neighboring countries are concerned about Venezuela's arms purchases.

Chavez said it's disingenuous for Rumsfeld to say he knows of no country that is threatening Venezuela, and he insisted that the U.S. is a threat.

The Venezuelan leader called on Colombian President Alvaro Uribe to clarify whether he shares Rumsfeld's worries about Venezuela's recent military acquisitions, including helicopters, fighter jets and assault rifles.

"If this man is saying that my neighbors are worried because the weapons that Venezuela is acquiring could go to the leftist guerrillas, I need to know, President Uribe, if you have some type of worry regarding this," Chavez said. "It should be you who says it, not the dog of war."

In his televised speech, Chavez also chuckled as he called Rumsfeld "little dog" and "Mr. Dog." Rumsfeld, attending a meeting of Western hemisphere military leaders in Nicaragua this week, told reporters on Monday that he understood why Venezuela's neighbors would be concerned by the buildup.

Venezuela recently closed deals with Russia worth roughly US$3 billion (euro2.4 billion) for 24 Sukhoi Su-30 fighter jets, 53 military helicopters and 100,000 Kalashnikov rifles. Venezuela is also obtaining a license for the first Kalashnikov rifle factory in Latin America.

Chavez also said Venezuela will soon install Chinese-made radar and an advanced air-defense system equipped with anti-aircraft missiles capable of shooting down approaching enemy warplanes.

"We are going to install a system for rockets and missiles, which are defensive weapons," said Chavez, speaking to students during the inauguration of a state-run university campus in central Venezuela.

"Venezuela is a country that needs defensive capacity."
Read the entire article here.
UPDATE: I just found an interesting article in the NY Post which talks about the slums in Caracas. Thus with all the misery in Venezuela, Hugo el Burro finds it necessary to build up his military to the hilt... says wonders about his so called socialist revolution.
Read the article here.

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