Monday, October 30, 2006

Top Ten Things Heard at Liberal Blogger Get Together at Starbucks

The folks at SOTP had a cute post about what they believed conservative bloggers would be chatting about at a get together this past week, and they all had their chuckle. Well, if they ever decided to get together, perhaps we'd be hearing the following top ten items:

1. This Global Warming is getting serious, and it's Bush's fault.
2. Bush is taking away our civil rights.
3. You go girl, Hillary. Girl power!
4. You got to love those liberal college hippie chicks, they quote Marx while they give you a BJ!
5. Word.
6. Who ordered the quad venti caramel non fat soy macchioato?
7. Pelosi's our girl. Soon we'll all be able to marry like they do in Holland.
8. Bush is an incompetent idiot
9. It's Bush's fault.
10. Bush stole the election.

See you infidels later!


The Universal Spectator said...

Here's an alternate list:

10. Bush is Hitler.
9. Bush is bad for America.
8. Bush has killed billions of innocent Iraqis in one week!
7. Michael Moore rocks!
6. Howard Zinn for President!
5. Please pass the tofu burgers.
4. I never shop at capitalist tool Wal-Mart.
3. Bush lied, people died.
2. Bush is Hitler.
1. Bush. Bush. Bush. Bush.

Gus said...

"Well, if they ever decided to get together..."

What are you talking about? Us South Florida bloggers are coming up on our thrid party - and this one's a kegger.

We're meeting all the time, but unlike your first blog-burner, we invite everybody who want's to attend.

What is a "blog-burner" anyway? Sounds like high school kids meeting in a parking lot. Did you guys get high?

Just kidding. This is all in jest. I'm happy to hear people are meeting.

Open communication will make a difference in our quality of life.

God bless American and RSS.

Robert said...


Did you ever get our invitation? I sent it to the e-mail linked to your blogger account but I got an out of the office reply.

Hopefully you can make it next time.

The Universal Spectator said...

Gus, your buddy Ricky Dick and and his Boy Wonder Gansibele wouldn't invite us to be in their little club. And you know what Groucho said about that...

Gus said...

Yes, Grouch Marx dijo:

"Please accept my resignation. I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member."

Mr. spectator, I don't get your point. You said Rick and Gansibele wouldn't invite you to be in their club".

Grouch was thumbing his nose at a club that would allow him in.

And what club wouldn't they invite you to? All the South Florida blogger parties I know about, everyone is invited, both Repubs and Dems.

The Universal Spectator said...

Well Gus, I'll take you at your word and await my first invitation with bated breath...

Robert said...


Trying to focus solely on the blogger gathering we had over the weekend, I get the impression that you're a little ticked and snubbed at us not opening it up to others.

I'm not going to get into an ideological or even personality battle, but I fail to see the big deal here. This was something that we decided would be a neat idea, that's it. Nothing more and nothing less.

I will add, and this is not a criticism, but just a fact, that majority at our gathering were NOT invited to the big one back in August. Again, not a criticism, just an observation. Not once did any of those people express to me their dissatisfaction at not being invited to the first one although they're most certainly local bloggers. That's my point as far as not making a big deal of this.

If the anti-Bush crowd decided to have their own meeting, then great. Same thing for any sub-group that wanted to hang out and get to know each other better.

Alex said...

Gus, since you are raising the issue, let me state that no, the french poodle is not welcomed at my house. Everybody else, but not him. There isn't enough Lysol in the world to clean it afterwards.

Henry "Conductor" Gomez said...

Too bad Alex, George really is the life of the party.

Alex said...

It's for his own good. I don't want him to have a heart attack and miss out Hillary's inauguration.

Srcohiba said...

Robert I did get it. Been too crazy with mom in the hospital. But thanks for the invite.

While I give credit to the libs for at least having booze at their party (in lieu of illicit weed which is the libation of choice at Dr. Dean and Anti-War rallies), I do wonder if they allow cigar smoking, or if they adhere to the stupid anti-smoking ordinance and are anti cigar too.

Gus said...

Alex, Henry "Conductor" Gomez, I don't know who the French poodle, or George is.

Robert, aside from yourself, I don't know anyone else from your party.

My problem was calling it a "South Florida blogger meet-up". Rick tricked me; he's good at that.

As you say, it was a sub-group of Republican bloggers at Tobacco Road that night (I hope Carl Hiaasen sees this).

I don't see anything wrong with you guys meeting.

Personally, I don't find parties very interesting that invite people based on political affiliation.

I think Rick's site is neutral. I like that he talks about the corruption and BS that goes on down here. It leads to good debate, and shapes larger issues.

One problem is lumping Rick and others on his site as "the anti-Bush crowd"; people are more complex.

I apologize for playing too rough. These articles you all wrote seemed like a good opportunity to poke fun, and meet new people.

That's how it started, Rick poking fun, and the Cuban-American Pundits poking back.

I'm done poking for now.

We got this all-expense paid vacation to Venezuela next week. They want us to test their new voting machines. ;-)

I look forward to meeting more of you at Alex's party. I hope he invites everybody and trashes the place.

That's what a South Florida blogger meet-up should be, but maybe not trashing the place.

On another note, based on some recent artists and musicians avoiding Miami, and canceling shows down here, I'm putting together a big, big list of cool things to do that are within about a 1 hour drive.

Please offer your suggestions:

The list will be so much better if it's a group thing.

Happy Halloween!