Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Get the Vaseline Ready Infidels

Meet the New Order Infidels. Take out the Vaseline and open your wallets. It’s gonna hurt folks. The people have spoken and have voted the incumbents out and now have control of the House. If the current trends continue in Virginia, then the Dems will have a possible majority in the Senate, if they make peace with Joe Lieberman. I’m happy for Joe. Despite the innate anti-Semitism and racism from the left, he managed to win against the darling of the left, Mr. Lamont. Joe holds the key. I’m sure to get his support, they’re gonna have to put on some heavy chap stick on their lips by giving him an important leadership position.

In any event, with the Dems now in control, the tax cuts will sunset and we’ll be paying a lot more in taxes again. I pay enough money for my 60-80 hour weeks in taxes, but that isn’t enough. We’ll folks, don’t cry me a river when you have less money in your pocket.

Thankfully, because we have checks and balances, the Dems cannot give away the farm thanks to the Presidential veto. The only thing they can do is cut the funding to the military. And guess who is now in charge of the Ways and Means Committee? Charlie Rangel. Oh Joy! Well, if they choose to do that, (and they won’t, because they are after all, too chicken to practice what they preach – example in point, Dr. Dean today on MSNBC waffling on whether they would end the war right away. Matthews called him on it). But anyone knows, if you cut and run, that is a defeat – a loss; giving up – no doubt about it. It’s like the kid who plays baseball and strikes out in his first game. Instead of doing what it takes to get a hit and win the next game, he decides to quit baseball.

“Let me tell you how it will be. It’s one for you 19 for me, cause I’m the Taxman, yeah, I’m the Taxman.”

But to the crowing Dems, here is my response to y’all. The ball is now in your court. No more “it’s the Republican’s fault.” No more “it’s Bush’s fault.” Y’all think you can do better. Show me folks. Let’s see if you can do something other than whine.

Interesting that the Dems that gained seats in the Senate are conservatives, esp. if Webb wins in Virginia. Casey in Pennsylvania is not a Pelosi type left-winger. He’s a pro life Dem. If the Dems have any brains, they’d tell the left wing to scram. Frankly, I’d say that with Casey’s victory, he’s probably now the best candidate the Dems have to win in 2008 if he runs. But the left in the 2008 primaries would probably feel better with another Kerry clone.

As for the GOP, thank God I live in Florida. Charlie is our new governor and Bill is our new AG and our House and Senate remain in GOP hands. Amendment 3 passed so now it will be harder for these fringe groups like ACORN and the pregnant pig people to get nutty amendments put into our constitution.

But sadly for the GOP, they let themselves get complacent by abandoning those principles that got them the majority in 1994. The Dems now have 2 years to show the Country they can do something other than cry about the GOP. If they’re smart, they’d settle Pelosi down and put aside any notion of a radical left agenda such as socialized medicine, coddling terrorists and dictators, being the party where losing is ok (My philosophy is show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser), being the party where mediocrity is acceptable, where morals are all relative, where killing the unborn is ok but playing loud rock and roll music to get information out of terrorists is wrong.

It’s going to be a bumpy ride folks. Make sure you have an extra jar of Vaseline handy, cause it’s gonna hurt! (I'm sure there are many on the left who are actually looking forward to it).

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