Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hitchens: What about them?

Many of our readers may not make a habit of reading columns by Cristopher Hitchens. Hitchens is a self-described leftist. But he is a democrat (small "d") and a supporter of the war that deposed Saddam Hussein. He is courageous in that respect as his fellow leftists have inexplicably been against the war since the beginning. Hitchens rightly points out that the Husseins and the bin Ladens of the world would deny us the very way of life these leftists profess to believe in.

Anyway, Hitchens asks a very pertinent question. If we abandon Iraq now, what happens to all the people in Iraq that DO BELIEVE IN DEMOCRACY?

Some excerpts:

I am glad that all previous demands for withdrawal or disengagement from Iraq were unheeded, because otherwise we would not be able to celebrate the arrest and trial of Saddam Hussein; the removal from the planet of his two sadistic kids and putative successors; the certified disarmament of a former WMD- and gangster-sponsoring rogue state; the recuperation of the marshes and their ecology and society; the introduction of a convertible currency; the autonomy of Iraqi Kurdistan (currently advertising for investors and tourists on American television); the killing of al-Qaida's most dangerous and wicked leader, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, and many of his associates; the opening of dozens of newspapers and radio and TV stations; the holding of elections for an assembly and to approve a constitution; and the introduction of the idea of federal democracy as the only solution for Iraq short of outright partition and/or civil war. If this cause is now to be considered defeated, by the sheer staggering persistence in murder and sabotage of the clerico-fascist forces and the sectarian militias, then it will always count as a noble one.

What is to become, in the event of a withdrawal, of the many Arab and Kurdish Iraqis who do want to live in a secular and democratic and federal country?

And does anyone want to argue that a Talibanized Iraq would not require our attention down the road if we left it behind us?

But all demands for an evacuation are based on the fantasy that there is a distinction between "over there" and "over here." In a world-scale confrontation with jihadism, this distinction is idle and false. It also involves callously forgetting the people who would be the first victims but who would not by any means be the last ones.
Read the whole column here.


Tony said...

Just some thoughts going through my head as i read this article...

What does this article have to do with cuba?

i am fully aware that the author is a republican cuban american who owns the blog and can write whatever the hell he wants and if i dont like it i can go read somewhere else.


just like i fail to see the correlation between 9/11 and Iraq (and i cant believe the article is actually defending WMD claims), why does a site about cuban and cuban american contemporary issues have to be such a strong proponent of all things republican?

there are cuban americans who are anti-war, too.

All im saying is that i come to this site to find out about cuba-related topics. The war in iraq in no way, shape, or form has any cuban-american's interest at stake (unless this "war on terror" really makes you feel safer).

It certainly appears as if this is a conservative blog first and a cuban blog 2nd.

This isnt meant to be offensive...just some reader feedback. If anyone has some friendly information for me i would be happy to hear it.

...and my gripe with the article is that why should i, a person who was dead-against this war from its inception, be expected to come up with a solution for a failing war that even the people who started have no clue how to stop, or even slow down? My exit stragety is that we should have never went in. i agree that leaving iraq right now could be disastrous, but i dont think any anti-war candidate should be criticized for not having an answer to Bush's mess.

Henry "Conductor" Gomez said...


The blog's title is CubanAmericanPundits. I am Cuban and I am American. I blog about Cuba and I blog about America. But you answered your own question, it is my blog (and my blog partners too). Therefore I write about whatever interests me. So I don't know why you asked the question if you know the answer.

I was in favor of the Iraq war and still am on the basis of who Saddam Hussein was and what he did. You never saw me or Hitchens for that matter claim a link to 9/11. There is link however in the sense that after 9/11 we could no longer turn a blind eye to international terrorism whether it's fundamentalist (like al qaeda) or state sponsored. Take your tales of no WMDs to the Iraqi kurds who were gassed by Hussein. Oh that's right you can't, because they are dead! Well then take it to their relatives.

Yes there are Cuban-Americans that are against the war. I know a few of them. I'm not one of them. So what?

What I have at stake in this war is exactly the same thing as you have at stake in it. My being a Cuban-American does not limit my ability to have an opinion on it or comment on it.

It sounds like you are trying to discredit me by saying that it's a conservative blog first and a Cuban blog 2nd. You can categorize this blog however you want. As George Thorogood sings "That don't confront [sic] me."

But if you look through the archives you'll notice that the vast majority of my posts are about Cuba. So from an empirical standpoint you are wrong.

You can have whatever gripe with the article that you want to have. But you missed the point of it. Mr. Hitchens isn't asking you for a solution but merely asking what happens to the people of Iraq that do want democracy if we pull out right now, today like you seem to want.

Perhaps you are a fan of rape rooms and tyrannical dictators. We at CubanAmericanPundits are not.

I suggest you follow your own advice and "change the channel" if you don't like what's on.

Henry "Conductor" Gomez said...


I answered your questions and addressed your comments. not everybody likes my style. I can't be concerned with that but thank you for your CONTINUED readership.