Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I voted!

Did you?


beckie said...

Sure did! For my Republican candidates.

Gonzalo Fernandez said...

I voted straight Republican and for conservatives in nonpartisan situations.

mts said...

Yup, me too.

Not only that, I contacted the GOP to volunteer (I didn't see on their site how to actually join the GOP), and am awaiting their response. I lived 42 years as an independent, but now want to help the GOP make a comeback. The resurgence of marxists in the Americas, Pelosi heading the House, even the gains the Dems made in my area - these things don't discourage me; they made me mad, and spurred my activism.

I remember when Reagan not only stopped, but smashed the Red Menace. In spite of Dear Comandante letters and other Dem interference. The dismantling of the Berlin Wall (of which I have tiny pieces as precious momentos of the death of European communism, given to me by an Army bud who brought a bag full back to the barracks after his girlfriend drove him to Berlin during the height of the hammer and chiseling days), the inspiration for the song's lyrics "right here, right now, there is no other place I want to be". The promise fulfilled of a free Eastern Europe should also be the promise fulfilled for people in Havana, Managua, and Caracas.

I'll be damned if I just stand by and watch these successes get rolled back, as Ortega and Chavez rise, emboldened with the knowledge that soft on communism types are now running things in the US government. Thank God it'll just be two years of the Malaise Party, and not a full four.

I'm useless as a single node, a lone vote, in my sea of blue; if I can roll a good sized group over to the jihad and communist fighting party, and make this area a viable two party area again, that'll give me something to be proud of.

Fellow GOP'ers, don't let today's results get you down. Liberals whine and wish for better. Conservatives assess the situation and regroup. We have not yet begun to fight!