Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Madam Nancy Caves on Hastings Appointment

Sorry for the quick photoshop image, but I've no time....and the Madam wishes she had that body. Well, in any event, the Madam has now caved for the second time on her attempt to appointment cronies in high ranking chairmen positions in the new Congress. Thankfully, she has now backed down due to pressure from everyone from the NYT's and others of her wanting to select former impeached federal judge Alcee Hastings as head of the sensitive intelligence commitee even though he is not the most senior member on the committee. As I wrote a few weeks ago, it was perverse that the same person who wanted to clean up the Congress was going to appoint questionable cronies such as Hastings and Murtha to top leadership positions. I'm sure she was shocked by the response from CREW and the NYT's, her liberal allies.
So thus far it is People 2, Madam 0. Read the article here.


Rick said...

She's a loser with extreme right wingers no matter what she did in this situation. Better they whine over this than the alternative.


Srcohiba said...

Cracks me up that you think I'm an extreme right winger. It's far from accurate unless I'm viewed from such an extreme left position where anyone in the center is deemed a fascist.

But she was ripped a new A-hole not so much by the so called "extreme right", but by the left and the "extreme left" New York Times.

Here's the reality. I don't care if someone is a liberal so long as they are consistent, honest, and not hypocritical.

Case in chief, Joe Lieberman. He's a liberal on all issues except the war. But I respect him for his integrity and honesty. If you look historically here in South Florida, I supported Democrats such as Claude Pepper and Dante Fascell. Liberal on social issues; conservative on foreign policy, honest and with integrity. If you've lived here that long, you will recall that Pepper's district at the time was primarily Cuban American (the same right wingers you love to hate), who voted for him overwhelmingly. Likewise, a man such as Tip O'Neil, a Massachusettes Liberal, and a brilliant man, (I read his book Speaker of the House), was a man of integrity and one who earned respect whether you agreed with him or not. The same could not be said of those Dems who followed him such as Mr. Wright, Tom Foley, and now Nancy. What in my opinion has hurt both parties are idealogues. Madam Nancy is an idealogue on the left and is nowhere in the same league as say a Tip O'Neil.

I'm not whining though. I'm just laughing.