Monday, November 27, 2006

¿Que bloqueo, ni bloqueo? ¡Coño!

There are those who, with tear swelled eyes, sob about how the US embargo has crushed Cuba to the miserable pulp that it is today. Many will start to place hope that a democratic congress will lift this horrible abomination (which ironically was established by a democrat.) And yet these people, these "bleeding heart liberals", don't seem to grasp that other countries from around the world, other G8 countries to be more specific, trade with Cuba. Not only do they trade, but Cuba even has a series of online bazaars that people can purchase from.

From this "Bazar Virtual" you can by things directly from Cuba: Cuban music, DVD's, Music systems, medicines, juices, and even articles for your pets. Of course, the quid pro quo is that you are either a Canadian, a Brit, or a Spaniard. And though Canadian currency is well below the dollar, the British pound and the Spanish Euro are comfortably higher -if I'm not mistaken, the British Pound is a 2:1 ratio with the Dollar.

What embargo is there when there is the ease of people from either England or Spain to be able to purchase, with the click of a mouse, Cuban products? You may say that price is a factor, but given that these items are conveniently placed in USD means that they are relatively cheaper given that the USD is lower than both the Pound and the Euro!

Perhaps a more pertinent question should be asked: if there is an equal distribution of wealth on the island, which claims to be Communist, then why is it that these products are for sale to foreign countries, and not distributed equally for the betterment of the Cuban people?

Perhaps the problem is fidel and not the embargo.
Perhaps the solution is not that congress drops the embargo, but enforces a stricter one.
Perhaps the embargo exists more in name than in function.

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