Thursday, November 09, 2006

Slight remodeling

Just wanted to call your attention to a couple of changes on the blog. First of all, if you look on the side bar you will notice that there is a new picture that says "Ask a Cuban-American" underneath it. That's a quick link to the explanation of the "Ask a Cuban-American" feature that I'm writing periodically.

I was going to use an image of myself in a really Cubanazo get-up, you may have seen it yesterday, but then I realized that the exact image I wanted was hanging on my wall at home. It's a painting by Tony Mendoza. Tony was kind enough to give me permission to use the image for this purpose. You can check out his web site at

As always, I'll remind you that "Ask a Cuban-American" is a complete rip off of Gustavo Arellano's "Ask a Mexican". I've gotten some great questions over the last few weeks and have attempted to answer them. Click here to see the archived questions and answers.

Anyway, if you have a question for the resident Cubanazo, please email it to me with "Ask a Cuban-American" in the subject line. Cranks need not apply.

Right underneath the "Ask a Cuban-American" icon there is a link to the comments policies of this blog.


Robert said...


I liked your picture better!

Henry "Conductor" Gomez said...

You can't be serious.

Robert said...

I'm only half-serious, but your picture added a bit of humor to the theme.

Srcohiba said...

Henry, email me a pic of you and I'll run it through photoshop and make it look like a painting