Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tancredo, shove it up your ass!

I can't speak for my co-bloggers, SrCohiba and Songuacassal (though I suspect they agree with me on this) when I say this blog has a conservative view of politics. We can debate what the meaning of conservatism is until we are blue in the face, but conservatism is not what Tom Tancredo preaches.

This blog has been on the record about the country's immigration problem. The problem is that not enough visas are issued to foreigners so they can live and work legally in this country. Our country, with its rapidly aging population, needs workers and workers want to come here. We are a nation of immigrants.

Do we need to secure our borders? You betcha, but we need a sound migration policy that takes these factors into account as well. Tom Tancredo is nothing more than a bigot that appeals to our worst instincts, those of distrust and ethnocentrism.

I have pointed out many times that Ronald Reagan, the flag-bearer for modern conservatism, was pro-immigration. Many of his public statements echo his sentiments. I don't believe he wanted an uncontrolled illegal migration but he certainly wanted to extend the American dream to those who would come here to find it.

Tancredo, go home and go away. Your populism may play in home your home district but it doesn't play with right-thinking Americans. You have made yourself famous, our rather infamous, by peddling hate but it's not going to get you the nomination for president. If it does then then the party of Lincoln, the party of Reagan is gone forever.


Srcohiba said...

He's a friggin putz and a disgrace to the GOP.

Henry "Conductor" Gomez said...


I can do whatever I want. This is my blog. Keep the comments coming though, I get a euphoric feeling as hit the "reject" button each and every time. Hope you're having fun in Yonkers.