Friday, November 10, 2006

What media objectivity?

Brent Bozell seems to have finally reached the conclusion that most of us have already accepted as fact. The media attacks conservatives and distorts their record.

In 25 years of looking at the national media, I have never seen a more one-sided, distorted, vicious presentation of news -- and non-news -- by the national media. They ought to be collectively ashamed.

They distorted the record time and again with a blame-everything-on-Republican-misrule formula. When gas prices approached historic highs over the summer, the media couldn't stop talking about the inept Republicans and failed Bush administration policies. Then, gas prices plummeted. Celebratory coverage? Nah. Any credit to the Republican Party or this administration? None whatsoever. Instead, they -- yes, you CNN; and you, NBC, and you, CBS -- shamelessly advanced Lyndon LaRouche-style conspiracy theories about how Republicans somehow were manipulating gas prices downward in order to get themselves elected. I'd laugh -- except it worked. If I believed a fraction of what I heard from the national news media, I'd vote against Republicans, too.

I would have been happy, and America would have been the grateful beneficiary, had the anchors given us an educational exploration of the issues of the day, and the parties' and candidates' stances, instead of the silly dramatics. Did the Democrats have a program beyond their daily carpet-bombing of President Bush? What would happen to -- name the issue -- were they elected?

You think their coverage of Speaker-to-be Nancy Pelosi was fair and balanced? Then consider this jaw-dropping fact: Since Pelosi was elected as the House Democratic leader in November of 2002, all the way through to late October of 2006, the networks have not once described her as a "liberal." You read that correctly. Not once. That's not news coverage. That's a four-year masquerade party. In 1994, Gingrich was the "national poster boy for resentment and rage." In 2006, Pelosi was "a mother and a grandmother" who was "known for her trademark smile."

The dominant issue of the fall campaign on network television wasn't the issues, unless you consider Mark Foley's creepy Internet messages an "issue" -- in which case, boy howdy, did the news media agree with you. Nearly 200 network stories on Foley -- and, by extension, the allegedly page-abusing Republican House -- dominated the coverage in the last weeks of the campaign. "Off Message," screamed a Newsweek cover with a large picture of Foley. But that was some kind of joke: The news media were very much "on message" with that scandal.

The 2006 campaigns are over. It will go down as the year it was almost impossible to discern where the negative political commercials against Republicans ended and the news coverage began.

The ironic thing about this brainwashing of the American public is how easy it has been to accomplish even in light of the overwhelming evidence that contradicts the specific allegations made by liberals.

I've been having several discussions with so-called moderates that believe that social conservatives are some sort of American Taliban trying to impose their religious beliefs on the rest of us.

Well let's analyze that for a second. In 1980 we elected a Republican President, basically the custodian of the modern conservative movement. Since then Republicans have occupied the White House for 18 of the 26 years.

In 1994 Republicans swept into power in the House of Representatives and have controlled it until Tuesday.

Likewise the Senate has been in Republican hands for many of the last 26 years.

So ask yourself.

Would you prefer to be black in 1979 or today?

Would you prefer to be gay in 1979 or today?

Would you prefer to be a woman in 1979 or today?

If the Republicans are the party of rich, white, straight men and are so powerful and only want to control your life exactly how has that been manifested? How exactly have Republicans eroded your rights?

Today you can gamble online, you can look at all the porn you want, you can sleep with whoever you want, you can play video games that are violent as all get out, and listen to music with sexist, violent or anti-white lyrics . If social conservatives truly want to end all of these things, they've been a total failure because they have only proliferated in this so-called conservative era.

Give me a fucking break.



AMEN to that!! How come the Reid land deal was not a big topic leading up to the elections?

Anonymous said...

If we accept that conservativism has to do with small goverment, strong defense, personal-accountabilty.

Then what's does social issues have to do with being conservative? those are wedge issues meant to keep the christian right happy, nothing to do with being a conservative.

Henry "Conductor" Gomez said...

That's your interpretation of what conservatism is. We have two big tent parties in this country, not defined by a single idea or issue but a lot of overlapping ideas and issues. Besides you didn't answer the question of how the conservatives have "rolled back" the rights of gays, women, blacks, etc. in all their time in power.

That's all liberal horseshit.

Anonymous said...

Some of the people in your big tent are trying to define right and wrong for the rest of, based on their religious beliefs, they try to pass those noble laws. And some of us prefered to be in the sunshine where we can see the light, that big tent got rather stuffy and dark not a good place to be.

Henry "Conductor" Gomez said...

I guess you can't answer question. That's OK. Have a nice life, jackass.

ziva said...

Conductor, your commenter above is typical. They can never answer the question because it contradicts what they've been brainwashed into "feeling" about conservatives. They don't think or reason, they feel. Great post.