Friday, December 22, 2006

Blog Talk Radio

I have decided to begin hosting a "Blog Talk Radio" show online. First of all I should mention that I am not the only one doing so. Several of my Cuba-blogger colleagues are already hosting such shows. Links to their shows are at the bottom of this post. At first I was hesitant to do this because I didn't really understand how it works. But it's pretty cool. Even if nobody listens to the show live, it will be archived for future listening so anyone that's interested in the topics I discuss can listen at any time day or night. It's like a podcast, in fact you can subscribe to the radio show on iTunes just like you would any other podcast.

I've scheduled the first show for Tuesday December 26th at 9:00 PM EST. I have a good idea about who my guest is going to be and you are going to want to listen because he's somewhat controversial (at least in my circle). I hope you'll tune in. You can call the show at the number listed on my Blog Talk Radio home page. It's a New York number but hey, you can use your cell phone if you get free long distance like most carriers offer.

You can visit my Blog Talk Radio home page at any time by clicking on the appropriate banner in the side bar. It looks like this

I Have a Talk Show

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Enrique said...

Welcome aboard tocayo... I knew you will come along.. You will love this... If you need anything , any tips send me an e mail

Enrique said...

Henry no te preocupes por eso... Al principio solo tuve 7 live listeners..But like you say the archived segments can be heard anytime.... we will keep replaying all of them in our blogs para obtener mas listeners... I will advertise your 1st show on my blog ....asi es como funciona esto... Hay un programa que tuvo 1500 live listeners de un señor brasileño y otro que se llama The Bakers que tiene como 100, 000 hits already

Orlando said...

Coño la tecnolgía me esta dejando atrás. I look forward to listening, as I am doing with the others.

Alfredo said...

You will do great. Thanks for all your dedication for a FREE Cuba. Can not wait to hear yor show.