Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dear Sir or Madam

I am writing about a recent report I read about merchandise being sold at Target stores with Che Guevara's image on it. As someone that has dedicated a good amount of time writing, and collecting the writings of others, about Che Guevara and his gruesome atrocities in my parents' country I am deeply offended. I don't think that Target would stock items with the image of Heinrich Himmler or Dr. Mengele. Why would Target commit the same faux pas as other retailers like Burlington Coat factory?

Che is not cool. Che was a man responsible for the murder of hundreds of Cubans and one of the architects of a gulag system that persists in Cuba to this day. A gulag for "criminals" like gays, anti-communists, free thinkers, long-hairs, rock & rollers and others.

I will make it my personal mission to spread the word to all of the media and bloggers in South Florida that Target is not a Cuban-friendly store unless the company immediately pulls the Che merchandise.

Most sincerely,

Henry Gomez


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St. Jose said...

Tenemos todavía que luchar mucho para desenmascarar a mitos como los del asesino sinvergüenza ese.
Hay que contarle a todos los que ese puerco hizo en Cuba.