Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Jeff Flake is no Little Steven

I ain't gonna play Sun City.

With those words Steve Van Zant AKA Little Steven of Bruce Springstein's E Street Band fame made many in our country (including a teen-aged Henry Gomez) aware of South African apartheid. 21 years later apartheid still exists in Cuba yet it's very fashionable for celebrities to go down there and enjoy facilities that ordinary Cubans can't. People like Steven Spielberg, Kevin Costner and Oliver Stone are at the top of the list of castro sympathizers and apologists that have enjoyed holidays and visits in the "worker's paradise."

The latest group of such apologists is actually comprised of US congresspersons anchored by Arizona Republican Jeff Flake. I think it's fitting that these useful idiots held their press conference in the Hotel Nacional, a hotel that, just like South Africa's Sun City resort, is segregated. Only the segregation here is not racial. In Cuba the second class citizens are the Cubans themselves. Hotels are for foreigners only. Comprende?

Jeffy, I hope you enjoyed your mojitos by the pool at Sun City El Hotel Nacional. In the meantime I can't get this song out of my head.


Orlando said...

You can hit them with a 2x4 between the eyes, and bling they shall remain.

Orlando said...

I meant to say "blind." Stupid fat fingers.

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

A man by the name of Stephen Lendman believes Chavez is a wonderful guy and he feels I am "ignorant" for not seeing this. I emailed him about a pro Chavez article he penned. If any of you Cubans have a spare minute perhaps you might drop him a quick note about living under a tyrant.

Thank You,