Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Warning: Having an opinion may be hazardous to your health

You know a lot of products come with warnings these days. Like cigarettes and booze, even shellfish and eggs come with warnings on restaurant menus.

Well there's a warning or disclaimer that should be attached to every MSM article or column about Cuba. It's the "Background" that Amnest International places at the bottom of its reports about human rights violations in Cuba.

Freedom of expression and association is heavily restricted in Cuba. All legal media outlets are under government control and independent media are banned. Independent journalists who attempt to beat this censorship by publishing articles outside Cuba face intimidation, harassment and imprisonment. Human rights defenders also face intimidation and politically motivated and arbitrary arrests. The laws used to arrest and imprison journalists, relating to defamation, national security and disturbing public order, severely limit the exercise of civil and political liberties.
Anybody that's considering a vacation to the "worker's paradise" should get this warning.

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