Friday, February 09, 2007

Today's special: The Combo

Saw this classified ad on the back page of the local alternative weekly newspaper:

Abortion $180 w/Anesthesia
Cosmetic surgery procedures also avail 305-xxx-xxxx
Not only are they advertising on a price basis, which is not exactly the way I'd be wanting to pick a place to do what's supposed to be a medical procedure, but they offer cosmetic surgery. I'm sure they perform those procedures at a bargain basement price too. How convenient. Come in for the abortion and stay for the tummy tuck.

Perhaps I should be relieved that the type of person that would respond to this ad is not reproducing and passing their genes down to another generation. Natural selection at work.


Bryan said...

I bet the guy works out of a van in Hialeah. Just a hunch

Alfredo said...

despicable! That's the problem we have these days: human life is not valued..