Sunday, March 25, 2007

And the oscar goes to...

mr. guevara! for having a face that only hollywood liberals would love and promote.

As I was perusing a book store, and after playing several rounds of chess in the upstairs cafe, I decided to check out the Caribbean section and see what material they had on Cuba. As I was glancing I found the book: "The Bolivian Diaries," and under it was a caption on how it was going to be a major motion picture staring Benicio del Toro.

I decided to look around online to get more info, and the only thing I can find is a movie that was made in 1994. Well, after more research I found that there is in fact TWO movies and a documentary (directed by Steve Sodenbergh and starring Del Toro) that will be in production come May: The Argentine (which involves mr. guevara coming off the granma with fidel), and Guerilla (which is about mr. guevara in Boliva).

Apparently, Del Toro is helping translate this the script into Spanish, which cracks me up since the first installment has an English title. Living in Chicago has taught me that for the liberal, having it in Spanish would make it more authentic and closer to the truth. In the spirit of authentic truth that many touchy-feely liberals crave, perhaps Del Toro should translate the title as well from "The Argentine" to "el asesino".

As production for this movie goes underway, we can only hope that they will honestly portray mr. guevera as being the failure that he was in the Congo and Bolivia, the failure that he was as treasurer in Cuba, and the failure that he was as someone who had the charisma, the heart, and the popularity to change the world and erroneously succumbed to violence as a means for this change and failed.

I doubt it.

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