Sunday, March 18, 2007

Black Spring Anniversary

I wish I had prepared something to commemorate today's anniversary of the Cuban crackdown on dissidents 4 years ago, but I haven't. Luckily, my colleagues have done a wonderful job with this and I'd like to steer you in their directions:

Stefania's Free Thoughts

Luis M. Garcia's Child of the Revolution

Marc Masferrer's Uncommon Sense

Robert's 26th Parallel

Alfredo's El Cafe Cubano

Ziva's Blog for Cuba

Enrique's Abajo Fidel

CB and KC's KillCastro

And of course Val Prieto's BabaluBlog

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Charlie Bravo said...

Thanks Henry, we are all drops of water, but of drops of water the rain is made, and ultimately, also the ocean.