Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fontova on Che

Humberto Fontova, author of Fidel: Hollywood's Favorite Tyrant, is coming out with his long-awaited follow up: Exposing the real Che Guevara and the useful idiots who idolize him.

Initially this book was going to be called Che: Hollywood's Favorite Executioner, but I have to admit I like this new title better. It reminds me of my own web site: Exposing the truth about Che Guevara.

Anyway the book will be shipping later this month. Pre-order now from Amazon. It'll be money well-spent. Regardless of what anyone says, wearing Che T-shirts ain't cool.


Rick said...

Regardless of what anyone says, wearing Che T-shirts ain't cool.

But if you think they are, helps you get one. How convenient.


Henry Gomez said...

Rick, I wrote an extended comment about that at your blog which you didn't respond to. Which bookseller would you recommend that I use for my store that doesn't sell anything related to Che? Tell me and I'll gladly switch.

Srcohiba said...

The author probably gets more $$ if you order directly from him no? I'd like to get signed copy....

Rick said...

Barnes and Nobles carries it, Henry.

Your extended comment at SotP, Henry, was an explanation of your choice of advertisers and really doesn't explain why you choose to use an internet retailer that acts as a conduit for all sorts of Che merchandise.

Although I don't entirely agree with it, as principled as your stand is and as fervent as you are in your opinion of the man, it's a mystery to me as to why you continue to use Amazon to make a few bucks.


Henry Gomez said...

Barnes & Noble doesn't carry anything related to Che?

Henry Gomez said...

It took me about 30 seconds to find this Lovely Che Calendar at

Any other suggestions?

Rick said...

I gotta laugh, Henry. You're the one that hyperventilates when Che gets mentioned, yet I'm the one that's being put in the postion of having to find you a Che-free retailer.

It would seem to me that money is supplanting conviction here.


Henry Gomez said...

I'm the one laughing because you make it sound like there is an easy answer here when there isn't. Amazon is becoming something akin to Ebay where literally tens of thousands of people are sellers.

And as for money, get real. Do you know how much money is generated for the affiliate by a book sold on amazon? Needless to say it acounts of .00000001% of my annual income.

Maybe you're right, maybe I should scrap the whole reading recommendations. But consider this, even if I wasn't an affiliate and just had a list of recommended reading, 95% of the sales of such items would be going to Amazon or B&N. So

When I became an amazon affiliate, I didn't know they carried Che merch. Only your incessant whinign about it alerted me to it.

I never searched for any Che Merch or had any suggested to me by Amazon (other than books about the man, which I read in research for my web site etc.)

If that makes me a hypocrite, fine. I doubt it changes your opinion of me since you are so violently opposed to any idea of mine anyway.

Have a nice day.