Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New Petition to Gloria Estefan

Here is a new petition to Gloria Estefan. There was a previous version which contained wording with which I did not agree. I have already signed this new petition and urge those of you who agree with me on this issue to sign it too. If you signed the old petition, sign this one too. It won't hurt anything.


Jose Aguirre said...

Henry, I have now signed both with the hope that the Estefans will reconsider their huge mistake. After 48 years, we should expect more from any clear thinking Cuban; it's not like they need the money!

Songuacassal said...


La Ventanita said...

I said this before; I don't think this was a mistake. Give the Estefans some credit, they are intelligent people.

As I previously said I think this is a PR move on their part; I mean come on, to invite people who have publicly one way or another insulted the Cuban community?

I'm not saying this is a good decision, but I do think they've done this on purpose to show Cubans can be civil and can separate politics from art.

Henry Gomez said...

Sorry not buying it. If that were the case why was Emilio so angry when he talked to Val?

La cagaron. Plain and simple. They didn't think. And it's not hard to imagine it now that I have seen how they handled the situation. According to Val their PR guy sounds like he's 18 years old.

Let's not give them credit for being so smart, if that's the case. They should be represented by some real folks that know about reputation management, not some kid that sounds like he just got out of Miami-Dade Community College.


I don't but it either. If they did do this on purpose to sell more CD's, they made a big mistake. My first petition is closing in on 1500 signatures. I have had hits from 28 states and 16 countries. Nothing but negative comments. I even have 2 hits from CUBA. Let's see. Only time will tell.

Agustin Farinas said...

So sorry, Henry. I am not interested in signing any petition for Gloria and Emilio. They should have known better than to bring Carlos Santana to play on their record, specially one named "90 miles" with all that title implies. I choose to ignore them, just like I choose not to read Granma or the NYTimes. I don't even give them the benefit of the doubt. Emilio had his picture taken smiling with Carlos Santana 1 month after the Oscar Che wearing t-shirt incident. That says a lot to me. As they say: a picture is worth a thousand words.