Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Unsung Heroes

I want to call your attention today to two blogs. If I made a post plugging these two blogs every day it still wouldn't be enough, because the two authors are my heroes.

First is Stefania and her Free Thoughts blog. Today she has some awesome pictures of the "Ladies in White". Those are women that walk in silent protest every sunday in Cuba. Their sons and husbands are being detained by the government for having ideas that are different than the government. Notice how the civilians in the pictures accept flowers from the Ladies in White, an act that could get them in trouble.

Secondly is Marc Masferrer who is always sharing his Uncommon Sense. He's constantly profiling the political prisoners and the dissidents in Cuba.

So the question is: if these bloggers can get the real story out of Cuba, how is it that the mainstream media can't?

The answer of course is that they can, they simply refuse to do it. There is no other explanation for how a story about fidel calling Hugo Chavez' radio show gets printed all over the globe but the Anniversary of Cuba's black spring, when 75 dissidents were rounded up and taken to jail 4 years ago, passes with barely a mention in the international media.

It makes you wonder how many other stories the media isn't covering.

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