Saturday, April 07, 2007

castro apologist jackass of the week

I was inspired to create a new award here at It's reserved for castro apologists that come to my attention through my google news alerts. The Jackass was chosen because the first recipient was particularly disturbed by my characterization of him as one. And that jackass, pictured below, is Steve Clemons.

Clemons wrote an asinine piece about the Cold war being over and the need for a new, more open minded, US policy toward Cuba. I sent him a very sarcastic email documenting several atrocities of the castro regime in just the last 12 years (the period of time he referred to) and called him a jackass as a parting shot.

Well, Mr. Clemons thought that gave him license to completely misrepresent my point of view and accused me of being concerned with reclaiming confiscated property on behalf of my parents in a post-castro Cuba, something which I never mentioned and don't aspire to. It's also one of the top scare tactics that castro uses drive a wedge between Cuban exiles and Cubans on the island gulag. "If those Cubans come back, they will drive you from your homes."

He now claims that it was a mistake and that he "misread" my message where I accused him of "willful blindness that [he] and others like [him] have toward the tragedy of my parents' country."

Of course his apology came after I unmasked his lie at and on his blog I gave out my username and password for the web site where I sent him the messages so anyone could see that I never mentioned property once. Incidentally, he deleted the comments in which I defended myself against his lies.

Now Mr. Clemons is obsessed and continues to bombard me with emails about how I'm a bully, yadda yadda yadda.

Mr. Clemons, you are indeed the jackass of the week.

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