Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Massacre nobody knows about

In 1994 the Cuban government sank a tugboat full of Cubans who were trying to flee the worker's paradise. As a result, 37 Cubans, including several children, are missing and presumed dead. A detailed report on the incident has been published by Maria Werlau of the Cuba Archive. The thing that really frosts my balls is that the Castro regime gets a free pass on such behavior. Here's an excerpt from the report that speaks for itself:

What is perhaps the most puzzling aspect of this tragedy is that, as with similar cases in the past, it has been largely ignored by world media. As a result, international public opinion remains essentially unaware of the systematic attacks perpetrated by the Cuban government on defenseless civilians trying to flee Cuba. Sadly, many world leaders and celebrities display a shameless disregard for the most basic standards of accountability for the Cuban government. The Castro regime continues to enjoy a free pass to trample on the most fundamental rights of its citizens, including the most precious -the right to life.
One of the reasons I can't stand that prick Bill Maher is because he laughed at a panelist on his cancelled show, Politically Incorrect, when the guest made reference to this crime against humanity during the Elian crisis.

Well it's not surprising that dickface Maher doesn't know jack shit about Human rights abuses in Cuba because we have the international press writing stories about how Fidel is healthy enough to run for "re-election" and travel pieces about Havana's Chinatown.

Hat tip to Marc.

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