Saturday, April 14, 2007

Some people just choose to be blind.

Headlines to read:
Castro taking back good part of govt duties: Chavez
Cuban foreign minister, Venezuelan president say Castro recovering well

God forbid that our U.S. President would end up in the hospital. However, if ever in the event that he did who would logically speak to the world on his health status? Our Secretary of State? Our Vice-President? Or Bush's friend from another freaking country: Tony Blair?

Cannot the foreign minister of Cuba not talk about castro with out the presence of hugosito?

Cannot acting president raul speak on behalf of his own friggin' brother?

Why must there be a spokesman for castro from another country?

It is a troubling sight that these two articles begin with "Venezuelan President..." in order to talk about the state of the Cuban "president". It subtly shows a lack of trust fidel not only has for those who work in his government, but a lack of trust for his own brother. Not only is hugosito relaying the reports of castro's health (not raul, not really anyone else) troublesome, but given castro's condition, how is that any frail old man can be available to serve a President of a nation? Not only does this show fidel's lack of confidence in his own people, but it shows his blind hunger for power. This is revelation to the fullest extent of his complete disregard for the Cuban people. And yet many in this world continue to turn a blind eye to this.

A blind eye to the fact that castro ignores how his condition is unfit for anyone to be a leader of any country.
A blind eye to the fact that Cuba doesn't talk to the world about fidel, Venezuela does.
A blind eye to the fact that given Cuba's "Top-Notch-Best-In-The-World" medicine/health care, fidel's doctor is from Spain.

If anyone still cannot see how the Cuban people are treated like isolated children by this mad man, then these people choose to be blind and ignorant. And unfortunately, when it comes to Cuba, ignorance isn't bliss –it's mass murder.

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