Wednesday, May 30, 2007

El Pendejo Chavez Is Suing CNN?

Infidels, you know the world is going nuts when even the burro pinko dictator hugo chavez is now suing CNN, the castro news network.

I guess el burro did not get his dish from Turner like fifo did.

Read it here.


Henry Gomez said...

There's nothing pink about him. He's red as red comes.


I can't comment on the specific segment as I haven't seen it. That said - who is suing Chavez for unconstitutionaly shuttering a national news outlet for presenting views countering those of his own?

Ignorant jackass.

Srcohiba said...

you can't sue Chavez in quote the dictator in the movie Bananas, when Chavez says "I am the law" you know your chances are pretty much worthless.