Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sarkozy wins French election

And the Cuban commies are sure to be displeased, at least judging from the hatchet job the official Cuban mouthpiece, Prensa Latina, did on him about a week ago:

Sarkozy Leans to the Extreme Right
Paris, Apr 30 (Prensa Latina) Nicolas Sarkozy is accused of doing anything to win the presidency and his conduct and speeches approach stands of the extreme right.

At least his speech at the Bercy Sports Palace on Sunday had no kid gloves when classifying the French left wing as "a bunch of hoodlums" that speak about conflictive quarters without going near them.

Sarkozy resumed, without any regret, the problems occurred in the Parisian "banlieu" and other French cities, where violence broke out in 2005.

Grasping the banner of "law and order", Sarkozy overtook the demolishing criticism against the French May 1968 events, when the country lost the order and Charles de Gaulle was forced to dissolve the National Assembly.

That "Spring Revolution", according to Sarkozy, is a page in French history that should be turned and buried definitely.

His fierce attacks on the left-wing forces seek, evidently, to consolidate his position as favourite of the polls for the second round of May 6, when he will confront socialist Segolene Royal for the conquest of the Elysium Palace.

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