Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Anti Smoking Nazis Take Over NH Too

Pitiful how the anti-smoking nazis are taking over the country in an attempt to force prohibition against public smoking - a legal product - esp. in bars and restaurants. Again, rather than let the market decide, these goody too shoe libs whose tactics are akin to the peta crowd, who bombard everyone with junk science, are making it impossible for anyone to enjoy a fine cigar and drink outside their home. But that's next folks....

if the nazis could take nevada (you can smoke in casino but not in poker areas or restaurants) -- you can in bar next to casinos though ... they will take over our homes and everything else cause they like all big govt. pundits do not believe that the public can take care of themselves or that the market should decide . .. .

per the article:

"Smoking is banned in almost every other workplace in New Hampshire," Lynch
said. "We should not continue to subject our hard-working citizens in the
restaurant industry to the harmful dangers of secondhand smoke."
It's all crap. Read the article here. I poop on New Hampshire too.


beakerkin said...

I am starting to get cynical and think this is just another revenue
scam. All these excessive taxes have made cigarette bootlegging a serious business for criminals.

rsnlk said...

Well, the tapa del pomo is coming up in a Bloomberg run for president. Although I had already moved away and was not subjected to it, one of the first things Bloomberg did, because NYC doesn't have other problems, was unleash a vendetta against smoking. So just wait. I hope smokers have long memories.